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MyQ is a software for managing a Personal Cluster of Answers & Questions, File and Document Library, Telex, all encrypted with Personal Key and multiple MySQL data tables.

The main algorithm of MyQ is based on the following data management .

Group >>> Item >>> Field

By successively creating the fields defined in the diagram above, access to the upload is ensured encrypted (depending on the type of key used) of answers, files and documents, which can be encapsulated in files of various shapes

eg. : pdf, doc, html, txt, jpg, etc...

These can be viewed later with the software installed on your own system depending on the files corresponding to each type of file.

The types of files and the corresponding software for viewing the answers, files and documents are configured and installed according to the preferences of each user.

The data encryption keys in the database can be internal, external, or user-defined.

Data uploaded by the user can be viewed by other users if they got an view.

Default (demo) username : demo and default password : demo.

The user experience is intuitive.

MyQ is a free software to download, install and use.

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MyQ Requires FrameWork 4.8 for Windows or MonoDevelop for Ubuntu

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